You must not know ’bout me

Hey! So my name is Kylee Williams, I’m twenty years old, my favourite movie is The Breakfast Club, the 2016 American Election is causing me to experience some hair loss, (okay not actually but i’m honestly surprised). And there’s probably some other stuff but I’m not sure how much you really need, or care to know.

This blog is basically all about me. Yeah, pretentious I know. But basically, It’s a lifestyle blog and I want it to be about my past, present and future. Here, I’m going to talk about my life as it happens. (Hence, ‘Life As Experienced’ blog header) It will most likely be about travel (or my obsession with it), but I also want to dedicate it to my basic day-to-day lifestyle and possibly anything I really feel like talking about.

I hope you enjoy reading, and thanks for visiting!