“It’s a lifestyle, it’s a religion.”

I am 100% a TV/movie junkie. I was thinking about either sharing my all time favourite movies or my all time favourite TV shows… and I decided on the TV route. Although I am constantly finding new TV shoes that may bump some other top picks of mine down, I’ll just share my favourites at the moment at least. Now, I do seriously watch a lot (it’s really too much) TV, so I have narrowed it down to top 19. And yes, I did say narrowed. If anything, I figure it’s always nice to hear from someone a few recommendations just in case you’re in the business for finding a new show to binge watch! (Ordered from least favourite to favourite)

19. Dawson’s Creek – Okay so, I’m not sure if a lot of people will judge me for this or not. I struggled with letting it be my last place, because I agree, there are far better TV series’ out there. Disclaimer: I think that I am considerably less girly than many of my friends, along with many other girls in general. However, when it comes to movies/TV shows I can’t help but be a sucker for the romantic/drama sides of things. Dawson’s Creek’s script is unarguably very witty and sophisticated, which is what drew me to it in the first place. Then, I became obsessed with a certain couple on the show. It’s ranked last simply because I really only love the show because of these two characters, and I find myself skipping over parts where one of the leads is seen. Overall, I really do recommend. Especially if you’re in a gross teen-drama, lovey kind of mood.

18. Parks and Recreation – Comedies are very sparingly my favourites. This goes for movies as well. I’m not sure if I just can’t find all of the good comedies that are out there, or if I am oblivious and don’t see the magic coming out of say, How I Met Your Mother or Modern Family… but the comedies I do love, I LOVE. It was hard to put Parks and Rec so low on my list, mostly because I thought it would be way higher up before I sat down and wrote out all of the shows I wanted to talk about. Just so happens that Leslie and the gang didn’t have quite the lasting impression I thought. Anyway, if you’re looking for an up-lifting, funny show to watch mindlessly, this is definitely it.

17. Criminal Minds – I’m probably going to say this a lot, but it hurt me to put this one so far down my list as well. I mean, I’ve been a Crim fan for as long as I can remember, I will always love it. However, in my opinion, the best seasons had a certain someone in it, and once he/she left… it was never the same for me. Criminal Minds is still a wicked concept and the acting/story lines are fantastic, so I will continue to watch until it ends. I suggest you should too!

16. How To Get Away With Murder – This guy is one of the only ones on my list that hasn’t ended or doesn’t have a predictable ending in the near-future. I absolutely love HTGAWM, and I’m sorry that it’s so far down, but it just hasn’t quite earned its rank yet. There are not many shows that can leave you physically breathless… and this is one of them. Literally at the end of every episode I am freaking out because someone either died or was killed. Or maybe something crazy just happened in general, but you get the point.

15. The O.C. – Ok, I realize I truly am going to say this a lot, but this one really and truly hurts me to put it this far down. It’s kind of depressing to think about all of your beloved shows in a top-five scenario, and then when you go to rank them all, it just isn’t the case. The O.C. is a seriously good teen-drama show. Unlike 90210, which I think best compares to the style of it, it has good acting as well as story lines. I mean, most teen shows like this are usually a little far-out, I think it’s why they’re so entertaining. But The O.C is just so loveable that I don’t even think I would notice if they tried to pull even half of the things 90210 did. (By the way, I’m referring to the latest version of 90210 because I have never seen the original)

14. Suits – Suits is a great, great show. It is one of the only shows I have watched that seem to get better as it goes on. The latest season, season 5, was my favourite this far. I’m not sure if you’d agree, but I simply just do not see this very often. Even a few of my favourites on this list, some of these shows’ quality decreased as time went on. (There’s even one in my top 5…) So Suits is very good, and I highly recommend. I can’t even talk about why it’s ranked further down, because I couldn’t really tell you… just seems that it is.

13. Law and Order: SVU – I feel like I am cheating on Criminal Minds with this one. I mean, they are completely different shows, yes. But I have watched Crim for years, and only started watching SVU about a year ago or a little over that. I just can’t help it though, I love it. My favourite episodes on Criminal Minds is usually what a typical episode of SVU looks like. So for this, I’ve had to rank it higher.

12. Prison Break – Prison Break is a classic case of a show’s quality decreasing as it goes on. However, season 1 alone is honestly remarkable. Like, it just deserves all of the oscars in the world in my opinion. Although I don’t dislike the show by any means in the later seasons, it really is best at the beginning. There is a reboot of it coming out soon as well, so I couldn’t be more excited to see where the show will end up!

11. Orange Is The New Black – I am so grateful for this show. I just think the absolute world of it, I love it. If they were to start incorporating supernatural things, I think I would still love it. It’s ranked a bit lower than as expected (in my mind, by me) because it in fact, has not finished. I feel like the show’s end could be very iffy depending on how it is played out, and if there’s one thing to know about me, it’s that I cannot stand a crappy ending to a movie or a TV show. I simply cannot deal.

10. New Girl – This is another one that also hurts me with it’s kind of low ranking. New Girl is one of my favourite comedies on this list, and it is the only one that is still airing out of them all as well. New Girl truly is hilarious and with a great starring cast of five, I don’t see how the show could get any better. The only thing is, is sometimes the storylines for each episode verge a bit on the boring side. And although I always find something to laugh at, I feel as though the show isn’t always at its best potential.

9. Downton Abbey – Ah, my beloved Downton Abbey. I was a full-on wreck when this show ended and I mean seriously. It’s so odd, because looking back, I can’t even pick out one major or draw-dropping thing that happened, except for one. So I’m not sure why it’s so good, but it just is. Anyone who has seen it would agree with me I know for sure. There is just something about it that I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s too good for its own good. Plus, Maggie Smith is in it and I couldn’t adore her more.

8. Gilmore Girls – I actually just recently finished watching Gilmore Girls in the past couple of months. So, there was a little bit of contemplating with myself if I should put this show this high up on my list, while out ranking a lot of other amazing shows. In the end, I decided hell yes because this show literally represents my heart. A lot like Suits, I actually thought that Gilmore Girls got better as time went on. Not to mention, I love the dialogue, the characters, and all of the parallels/life lessons the show brings to its audience. I couldn’t be more please with the two female leads being strong and smart women first, before being all about boys or anything else. It really is a fantastic show, and I would especially recommend for younger boys/girls to watch. (By the way, shoutout to the title of this blog post… it’s a Gilmore Girls reference)

7. Gossip Girl – I might get some judgement on this choice too, but I don’t care. Gossip Girl is way too entertaining to not be acclaimed. I’m sorry, I know that the show’s plot and story line is not the best, and of course it isn’t always the most reasonable of shows. But, it’s one hell of a ride and the drama is honestly so good I don’t think anyone could say that it didn’t thoroughly entertain them. Plus, Leighteen Meester is simply spectacular as Blair Waldorf. Without her, I don’t think the show could hold this high of a rank in my books.

6. Game of Thrones – My best friend is totally going to scold me if she finds out that Game of Thrones is my 6th choice… I’M SORRY. Again, I didn’t realize until today that I wouldn’t be able to rank this one any higher. But that’s besides the point. Game of Thrones is a literal masterpiece. The dedication that this show must require from the actors to the producers to the crew and so on is actually unbelievable. This is the only show where I have mentally and physically HATED a character(s) and I think that that alone is beyond impressive. I mean sure, you can go about disliking characters all of the time in almost every show, but Game of Thrones will actually have you throwing things at your TV. I do think that it its the greatest show of this generation so far, and if you haven’t already seen it (which is unlikely) I suggest you start.

5. The Office – When I think of humour, I think of this show. This perfectly amazing show. I think it’s why I have such a hard time liking other comedies, because it’s almost impossible for any other show to be comparable with The Office. I love raw humour, so The Office and I click unexplainably. It truly is the funniest thing you will ever watch, plus the character development among the characters from the first to the last season, makes me emotional and proud. Thank you Ricky Gervais.

4. Grey’s Anatomy – I don’t even know how to describe Grey’s. It is an emotional rollercoaster to say the least. I literally cry in almost every episode and that is not an exaggeration. I usually refrain from recommending it, simply because I do not know if some people can even take the emotional trauma. Anyhow, I love Grey’s with all of my being. There is a lot of stigma around it, saying that it is a “girl” show. Well, that is both sexist and untrue. I promise, if you do watch it, you will have your heart ripped out regardless of your gender, it is inevitable. Unfortunately, in my opinion, Grey’s has gotten worse as time went on. But I mean, it’s on season 13 right now. And I do think that up until season 10, it is all amazing. So in the grand scheme of things, 3 seasons is nothing to cry about. Plus, it still is good it just isn’t as good.

3. The Vampire Diaries – So I know that a lot of people will judge me for this one. But again, I just do not care. It’s just like Gossip Girl- where I know there are better shows. There are better shows on this list that may deserve to replace TVD. However, they do not with me. TVD is so fricken good it honestly hurts me. It is so typical in many ways, yes, but you could never argue that the storylines are not original. But honestly… I am more than obsessed with a couple on the show, and I do think that’s why I love it so much. (Thanks Kevin Williamson for turning me into a crazy person… Oh and, he is also responsible for my weird obsessions with Dawson’s Creek) Sadly, TVD is ending this season and I know already that I’m going to cry like a little baby, but that’s okay. As long as the ending doesn’t let me down, I will be forever smitten.

2. Friends – Could it really ever get any better than Friends? I mean, really? I honestly don’t have a lot to say here because I just don’t accept that there are people in the world who either haven’t seen or don’t like this show. If you are one of those people, you need to shape up. Or I will not be there for you.

1. One Tree Hill – Okay. I don’t even like to talk about it because like Harry Potter, I honestly  just don’t even like when other people watch this show. I am seriously just so protective over it, it’s unnatural. I associate OTH with my childhood, and that’s probably the easiest way for me to describe my love and loyalty. Everything about it makes me happy and proud. The characters, the story lines, the life lessons, everything. I honestly don’t think that I will ever find a show that means as much to me as this one does. It is everything you need and should have while watching a TV show, and it’s even more than that. I am beyond grateful to my cousin Kelly who had first introduced me to the show back in the day, and I will forever be the biggest fan.

Okay, this was unexpectedly hard for me and there are a few other shows that I just want to mention. Some of them unfortunately didn’t make the list, some I have never seen and plan to watch, and some of them I am in the process of watching. Because of this, I’m not sure if my top 20 will change anytime in the near future, so I just wanted to get it all out there:

House of Cards

The Crown

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

This Is Us


The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Sons of Anarchy





Orphan Black


Designated Survivor


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