Chicken Schnitzel For Me Please

Another stop on my European adventure was the beautiful Vienna (or Wien), Austria. Aside from Paris, Vienna was my absolute favourite place. We stayed here for about two weeks I’m pretty sure, and it was the longest amount of time that we spent in any one of the cities we visited. Although Paris has my whole heart, I really want to live in Vienna. From the cleanliness of the city, to the nice people and amazing food, Vienna is just ideal for me. Plus, while it is still extremely warm in the summer time, it still snows during the winter. And I cannot live somewhere where there isn’t snow on the ground for Christmas.

I absolutely loved everything about Vienna, and I hope to be back someday. One thing about me, is that I am not a big fan of red meat. I mostly eat chicken and seafood. However, I ate all of the bratwurst and schnitzel that I could take while in Vienna. (And all of Austria and Germany for that matter) It’s honestly just the vibe that Vienna gives. The city is full of beautiful historic sights, while also remaining modern. It was extremely easy to get around and we didn’t run into any language barriers or any other problems in that department.

There is really only one complaint from me. And that is… a horrible rollercoaster at the Vienna amusement park. (I forget the name of it) My friends and I felt so sick afterwards, it was honestly the worst we had ever felt in our lives. Think The Hangover part 1, 2 and 3 all together in one feeling. But, I mean, other than that, Vienna was and is truly perfect. They even have an english movie theatre with a frozen yogurt shop located 2 minutes away. Perfect I say!!!


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