In The 6

Possibly one of the only things I love more than Drake himself, is Toronto. I have always, always loved Toronto and all of Ontario for that matter. The entire side of my father’s family resides all over Ontario, so my family and I usually make it out there every second summer to visit everyone. It’s normally a 1-2 month trip, although even that never seems to be enough. I may be a little bias simply because I have family there, and that may be why I do love it so much. However, I think it’s just the feel of Ontario compared to that of Alberta. Since I have always been a little restless, and feel uncomfortable when staying in one place for too long, Ontario simply excites me. (Not to mention, Alberta is basically the Texas of Canada, and I’m beyond tired of living somewhere so conservative) But moving along… ever since I was about fifteen or sixteen I imagined myself living and working in Toronto after college and/or university. I even considered going somewhere in Ontario for my schooling. I have a few ideas in my head for what I would like to be doing upon my graduation at SAIT Polytechnic in Calgary, and moving to Toronto to find a journalistic job is a definite top priority and option for me. It’s a serious plus that I would be closer to my amazing grandmother, along with aunts, uncles and cousins, yes, but I think that even if they weren’t there, I would still want to move. I definitely don’t want to live in the same city my entire life, and the experience of moving somewhere else should be a thing that everybody experiences, in my opinion. You may be thinking, why not B.C.? Well, I will tell you my friend: I absolutely hate the rain, and it would be a lot less likely for me to run into Drake on the street. (Oh, and I loathe the Canucks)
















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