Hair Products I Would Sell My Soul For

Attention all frizzy/curly haired women (or men with relatively long locks): these hair products are literally exactly what you need… trust me.

Though I definitely don’t consider myself to be any sort of beauty expert whatsoever, in my experience, I find it pretty helpful to hear honest (non-paid) opinions on some beauty products to buy. Wether it be hair, makeup, skin care, etc. I feel like it’s always nice to hear an unbiased opinion.

Sorry the photo isn’t that great but eh

John Frieda “Frizz Ease” Calming Cream- This cream completely helps to eliminate my crazy frizz. I usually shower at night while I’m in school (so I don’t have to wake up a second earlier than I absolutely have to) but sleeping on my wet hair overnight almost always makes it frizzy. So, with a little bit of the Frizz Ease (about the size of a quarter per use) I apply it to my hair, mostly at the top and the back of my neck where my baby hairs are. When I wake up, the frizz is seriously little to none. The only downside of the product that I’ve found, is that it causes my hair to change it’s texture a bit. It feels sometimes crisp? If that makes any sense. So I just make sure that after I apply the product to my wet hair, I brush my hair again. This way, I normally never wake up with my hair feeling crispy.

Lush “Roots” Hair Mask- I don’t think I’ve ever really disliked any hair mask I’ve tried? Especially not one from Lush… but Lush’s Roots hair mask is magnificent. Although I wouldn’t say its catered to curly hair per-say, It just really helps to moisturize and nourish my hair. I usually cover my whole head with the product, leave it in for 30-40 minutes and then take a shower. When I do my hair later on, it always feels unbelievably soft and re-hydrated, I love it. No downsides of this product for sure!

Schwarzkopf “got 2b beach trippin'” Waving Spray- I normally only use this spray when I’m lazy and don’t want to do my hair, and it is extremely useful in this situation. My hair is very curly, and depending on the day, it can be very frizzy as well. When I know I’m going to be leaving my hair o-natural, I spray this lil’ guy all over my head and crunch up the ends a bit. It really helps to tame my hair, and although it doesn’t give me a “beach trippin'” wave like I thought it might, it helps to make my hair not as crazy and big. Also, I’m just guessing, but I feel like if you were to have a little less curl going on than I do, this product would work even better.

CHI “44 Iron Guard” Heat Protectant Spray- I love CHI. My hair straightener is CHI, and I can honestly say I’ll never go back. Disclaimer: I didn’t put my straightener on the list because I was like, do some people really not know that a CHI straightener is always best? And I answered no, that can’t be. So moving on, I love this heat protectant spray. I also love the heat treatment in-shower cream by CHI as well, I don’t have a photo of it here, because I was too lazy to get it from my bathroom. But usually, after shampooing, I use the hair treatment. I shave and do all that fun stuff, then rinse it out and use my conditioner. After showering, I always always always spray this (or any other) heat protectant spray if I know I’m going to be using heat on my hair. Super important people!

Moroccan Oil “Dry Shampoo”- I LOVE DRY SHAMPOO. And pretty much every friend of mine can attest to this. While I still religiously use the Batiste dry shampoo, because it works just fine and is inexpensive, the Moroccan Oil dry shampoo is by far the best I’ve ever tried. It smells amazing, I find it helps my hair to look cleaner with less sprays than the Batiste dry shampoo, and the colour that comes out isn’t hard to work into my hair quickly. I love dry shampoo a lot because I hate having to wash my hair all the time, and I always prefer my hair better the second day. However, my hair can literally get greasy in two minutes, so I need dry shampoo. I need this dry shampoo actually, and you do too.

Ogx “B5 Weightless” Oil Mist- So, I wanted to try this because I ran out of my Mane and Tail hair-strengthening spray that I always use. Though I still don’t have anything bad to say about that spray, this one is a hell of a lot better. For starters, as I previously mentioned, I shower at night a lot. Because of this, my hair is always a little greasy in the morning. (I hate it and I don’t know why.) However, since using this product, not only is my hear incredibly soft and shiny, I literally wake up in the morning with my hair completely grease-free. It is honestly a miracle, and thus it is my favourite creation.

invisi bobble Hair Ties- I HATE when I take out my pony tail and pretty much half of my hair comes out with it. It literally happens all of the time with pony tails because they just aren’t good, and they pull out your hair. So, after I was introduced to these by my friend Katty, I have fallen in love. At first, I wasn’t sure how I felt about them. It’s definitely different than using a regular pony tail, so I wasn’t too fond of it at the beginning. As i continued to play around with it and use it, I became better at controlling all of my hair with it, and it soon became a must have on my wrist at all times. You can literally yank, pull, whatever, this hair tie out of your hair and no hair will break off. Seriously, it won’t.

Revlon Hair Wand- Since my hair is super annoying, I have never been able to curl it correctly. It has to be straightened in the first place, or at least a lot flatter than it is naturally, so I usually curl my hair every second day. I use some of my dry shampoo and then curl my hair, and I love it. Although I’m sure there are plenty of better hair wands out there, this Revlon one has been so good to me. It packs up really well for travel, the wand width is just right for the kind of wavy curls I like, and it gets really hot. All of these factors really make it an essential hair product for me, and a lot of my friends who have used my wand have always complemented it. So, I suggest you give it a try!

Wet Brush- I don’t know if you knew this, but apparently, it’s bad to brush your hair when it’s wet. I’ll have you know, that i’m a literal dog and I shed all over the place. So when I brush my hair when it’s wet, I just shed even more. When I got this Wet brush, it all changed. They are designed to brush and take out the knots in your hair after you shower. It slides so smoothly through my hair, and it has 100% reduced the amount of loose strands I lose. I even have a mini one for my purse. Wet brushes are the way to go for literally everyone okay, even my dad has one.

Here are a couple of links to my favourite youtuber, KathleenLights’, latest hair care tutorials because she is amazing:

Natural hair care routine

Straight hair care routine





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