Day Trip To Banff

On an impromptu little trip to Banff with a few friends, I learned some things about myself.

First, I honestly never get tired of the mountains no matter how many times I visit them.

Second, I will never get in the same car as Meaghan, (my friend in the drivers seat in the first photo) ever again.

And third, My need for adventure (and pizza) is not going away anytime soon.


I started college this fall at SAIT Polytechnic in Calgary. Even though I was obviously nervous, especially since I’ve been out of school for a few years… I was mostly excited. Excited for new people, a new atmosphere… a whole lot of new. So far, I’ve met a few friends with pretty great potential I’d say. Spencer, Sam, and road rage Meaghan, are all enrolled in the Journalism program with myself at School. I love my program, with the exception of a grinch-sounding teacher, and I love the campus. The hardest thing I’ve found is honestly just the transition. My friend Spencer and I have been a bit stressed lately. And to be brutally honest, it isn’t even all to do with school, but the fact that we have 16g iPhones that literally make us delete our souls for more storage. And just day-to-day obstacles that normal people can function through, but for some reason we just can’t without crying a bit and laying on the floor.

It’s a lot easier taking a photo in a moving vehicle when you’re using a professional camera…

So, we decided to take a little trip to Banff. Well actually, we wanted to take a little trip to Lake Louise… but road rage Meaghan, decided Banff was enough for us that day. We mainly wanted to go and have some fun while experimenting with our newly purchased camera equipment, and I gotta say, nature really does heal the soul. It’s amazing how a few beautiful views can completely transform your mood. Personally, I’ve always had a thing for scenery and famous sights around the world. (Shoutout to the first time I saw The Eiffel Tower which was literally the best moment of my life) But I didn’t really understand why. Like, why am I and why are so many other people attracted to things and to places we’ve never even been before? So of course I googled, and I found this quote; “What’s so great about scenery?” “It fills a void.” I love this. Not to mention it’s considerably fitting, since Spencer and I were dying to get away from our storage-filled lives. And in the process, the sight of some mountains filled a bit of a void.


So anyway, I guess I wanted to do my first official blog post on some of the things I love. Travel, new beginings, and the feeling of being stress-free and happy for a day. If you have suffered through until the end, thank you and congratulations!!! (and please check in again for another post about my crisis filled life)

Me pretending to be a photographer after about ten days in school 🙂



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